Code: AA1417

Blades Young Jet 17


The junior boot with an elite control and flexibility that will have you looking and playing like your idol. With all features geared towards excellence you will be on your way to mastering the game and out-manoeuvring the competition at every turn

Key Features

Microfibre Upper

The microfibre upper ensures the boot is both durable and resistant to tough conditions. Microfibre is excellent as repelling water and also holding its shape, ensuring these boots will be a fundamental part of your game for longer.

X-Release System (XRS)

The XRS is a highly responsive blade system that allows the boot to forfeit grip and release under strenuous conditions to help minimise injury. The objective of this is to ensure the boot is what succumbs to unwanted pressure, not the athlete.

Anatomical EVA Innersole

This is a cushioned innersole which cradles the foot and offers greater feel & connection to minimise foot roll. This targetted innovative feature is perfect for preventing ankle and knee injuries.