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FT60F Polar Watch and Strap

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Polar FT60 is designed for committed exercisers active in fitness and cross-training, including indoor activities like group exercises and gym as well as various outdoor activities. With STAR training program it tells how much and how intensively to train. Optional FlowLink data transfer unit allows taking training online. Polar’s online training diary helps users follow their achievements and share training experiences online.

Key Features

• STAR training program: A personal training program on your wrist keeps you motivated all week and every week. STAR Training Program guides you how to train to achieve your long-term goals and rewards you every time your targets are reached.

• Smart calories: OwnCal is the most accurate calorie count on the market. Based on your personal data and how hard you’re training it lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned during your training session.

• Fitness Test: World’s easiest fitness test helps you keep up to date with your fitness improvement. Just lie down for five minutes and

see how well you’re doing.

Other Features

• Heart rate: Polar’s H1 heart rate sensor provides real-time feedback on your training intensity by measuring your heart’s beats per minute

• OwnZone: Guides you to train at the right intensity

• Online training diary: Compatible with online training diary with optional Polar FlowLink data transfer unit

• Training Load: Helps you find the perfect balance between rest and training. Available on

• Speed & distance: Optional speed and distance sensors offer flexibility to customize your heart rate monitor. G1 GPS sensor measures speed and distance in any outdoor sport, and S1 foot pod is a perfect solution to measure running speed/pace and distance.