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Adidas Adipower II


Adidas Adipower Hockey 2 Shoes Power is paramount with this incredibly light and agile shoe. A brand of power provides energy return and lockdown support. Midsole comes miCoach-ready and lets you track the power you generate on the pitch.

Mesh Upper

The Adidas Adipower Hockey 2 is the top model of the brand and is designed to promote rapid movements, stability, grip, breathability and comfort. Incorporating a breathable mesh in the middle part of the foot and around the collar, it ensures ventilation which helps perspiration disappear, keeping the feet feeling cool and dry. The shoe is also designed with an EVA tongue construction which provides maximum comfort.

Pro-Moderator + Midsole

Fitted with the Pro-Moderator + which is a lightweight midsole construction that provides stability and support while reducing the risk of mid-foot irritation. Located in the footbed/midsole of the shoe is AdiPRENE which purpose is to provide cushioning for the heel and forefoot. To provide cushioning AdiPRENE has a high degree of impact absorption which claims it can absorb impacts of over 5 times a person's body weight. Additionally, AdiPRENE+ is found under the toe piece of the shoe and helps at propulsion and efficiency.

The Adipower Hockey 2 shoe is also equipped with miCoach which fits into the inner sole of the shoes left part as this is important for comfort and aesthetic reasons. The miCoach comprises the Speed Cell, a performance-tracking device the size of a watch face and records data collected by the Speed Cell.

Traxion Outsole

The outsole is fitted with the Adidas Torsion System which is a thermoplastic arch support designed to allow the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently and adapt to running surfaces without straining the foot through excess motion. Torsion excels by allowing the midfoot to naturally adjust to the ground and offering high levels of support and stability which are suitable for a range of sports.

The Traxion outsole design was originally developed for football, for which it's tapered shape provides excellent ground penetration without the typical stud pressure that football boots place on the foot. The wide, narrow profile of Traxion lug grips without slippage, making it ideal for use in any outdoor sport requiring maximum outsole grip.